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Frontline Academy bergen and belts:

BJJ is an inclusive sport, we mix around hobbists and athletes under the same roof. 

Grading people becomes a bit of a relationship and communication is key. Our group vary from people that can only come once a week and have a good time and a healthy life is their main goal to professional athletes that have world tittles as their main goal. 

A belt different than what most people believe is not a reward or display of power, but a token of responsibility and trust. Trust that you are capable of taking the ones under you and bringing them up.



How belts are given?


Once the student reach the minimal technical, behavioural and psychological aspects we reconcile the students ambitions ( usually regarding competitions) if it is in sync the student is ready to move on to the next belt.



Technical aspects

Understanding of the fundaments of Jiu-jitsu from the basic situations:

  • Closed guard

  • mount

  • side control

  • back

  • half guard

  • standing


A blue belt is expected to have a good fundamental knowledge of core fundaments of BJJ under the situation mentioned here above. Use leverage, positioning, framing, timing and pressure to attack and/or defend in a basic form with at least. Feel conformable to transition from one situation to the other and have a good understanding of BJJ.

Specialisations and advanced guards are taking into consideration, but the belt is only awarded once the overall understanding of BJJ is reached. ( in other words, knowing 7 berimbolos but not knowing how to escape side control)

A minimum of 


Behaviour aspects


A blue belt is the entry level of the hierarchy, but is one the most important link of the chain once many times they are the closest  and least scary hierarchy contact with the new beginners. So an approachable, friendly and self aware attitude is a MUST have before entering the blue belt level. 


Psychological aspects


This is the belt where I see most growth in my students. Blue belt is the belt of transformation, where expectations are built and your character must rise up to it.

Different than most martial arts, BJJ is much more about practical knolowedge than theorichal and that can be stressful, as a blue belt u become a point of comparison for everyone, so people tend to go a bit harder sparring with you and higher belts tend to be less kind when explaining things to you ( they assume you have the base ground knolowedge), for that you shall be prepared and take that challenge as a motivation (leave you ego aside.) 



How do you know if you already for he next belt?

Talk to you instructor and stop comparing urself with the others


How can I speed my graduation?

Train more and talk to one of the instructors

Can I get degraded ?

FCK no, you made the bad choice of taking a brake now suffer the consequences =) 

What are the different rules for the belts?

Go to IBJJF and read the rules, there is a lot of views on YouTube also, you should have a good grasp of the main rules but to have a deep knowledge go to the IBJJF website.

Blue Belt


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