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About Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is, along with Judo and Wrestling, a martial art from the grappling family. Its techniques make use of leverage and momentum, having as a goal the control and submission of the opponent. The techniques used in BJJ do not include striking i.e. punches and kicks.



About Frontline Academy

Frontline Academy is Norway’s biggest and most prestigious BJJ academy with over 1000 students divided in four locations. The Bergen academy is a newly built and modern facility located in the city center.

Address: Nygårdsgaten 94, 5008 Bergen.

The program

Frontline Academy’s kids program aspires to use BJJ as a tool for physical progress, socialization, and mental development. The students will learn about the core values and principles of the sport, such as respect, discipline, strength and coordination.


The program is divided in three groups:

  • From ages 3-5 (Saturday 14:00-15:00):In our classes for the youngest children our focus lies on giving the students a safe and pedagogical introduction to our martial art. Through the use of interactive games and play the students get a chance to learn basic movements and techniques while having fun!

  • From ages 5-9 (Monday, Wednesday 16:30-17:30): Aiming to spark an interest in, and appreciation for the sport in the students, the kids’ training teaches fundamental techniques, movements and principles in a playful and simple manner, mixing technique repetition with interactive games.


  • From ages 10-16 (Tuesday, Thursday 16:30-17:30): The methods used in this group put more emphasis on the learning of technique and strategy, and the development of more advanced physical attributes. At the same time, trainings are designed to be playful and social, creating an environment which allows the students to express their individual qualities.



Vinicius Silva


  • Black belt under Eduardo Teta Rios and Andre Fievel de Carvalho

  • Instructor at Frontline Academy and founder of the Frontline Kids Program

  • Bachelor in physical education from Høgskolen i Bergen (HiB)

  • Certified personal trainer, HiB

  • Active in national and international competitions

  • Fluent in Norwegian, English and Portuguese



Anja Bergo


  • Purple belt under Eduardo Teta Rios and Andre Fievel de Carvalho

  • Assistant-coach at the Frontline Kids Program

  • Occupational therapy student at Høgskolen i Bergen (HiB)

  • Active in national and international competitions



With the students’ safety and learning in mind, both instructors are present during the classes. While classes are normally taught in Norwegian, both instructors are fluent in English. Foreign language students are encouraged to join.



Contact us at kids@frontlinebergen.no for more information, or CLICK HERE to sign up for a free trial week.