We Teach Children to Master Life

-everything else they learn from us is just a bonus

Every parent wishes for their child to be successful. But you can’t ALWAYS be there to help them. At Frontline Academy we teach children skills to tackle whatever challenge life can present. Be it at school, or in a future job interview.
We are not only teaching them a sport. We are giving them tools to win at life.

The World's Best Sport for Kids

As a parent you always want the best for your kids, for them to succeed and be happy. You want to guide them and keep them safe, every day.


Life is full of challenges. The best anyone can do is to be ready. To have the strength to solve the problems the world will present.


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu teaches children to face the world. It gives them the tools to take care of their own problems. To solve the puzzle that is life.


It teaches them about being strong, both physically and mentally. To be resilient.


In our kids program our students learn all of the most important and fundamental athletic skills: Balance, coordination, strength, endurance, timing and focus...


...but more important than that: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu develops mental skills such as confidence, intelligence and patience. And shapes children into more resilient and independent human beings.


Frontline Academy offers the perfect learning environment, designed for their specific needs:


  • Pedagogical methods: An approach that inspires students to learn, exercise and socialize.


  • Professional teachers: Experienced trainers that know how and what to teach (not volunteer parents “helping out” on the weekends).


  • Modern Facilities: The best equipment in newly built installations.


You are not only teaching them a sport, you are giving them tools to master life!

  • Leader of the kids and teens program

  • Physical Education Graduate from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

  • Black Belt under Eduardo Teta Rios and Andre Fievel de Carvalho

  • Active in national and international competitions

Vini comes originally from Florianopolis, Brasil. He has lived in Norway since 2009 and is fluent in Norwegian, English and Portuguese.

He gratuated from Bergen University College in 2015 with a degree in Physical Education. The study includes courses in pedagogy, anatomy, physiology, training sciences, nutrition and injury.

Vini is part-owner and trainer at Frontline Academy and started the kids’ and teens’ program in 2015.

Vinicius Machado

  • Bown Belt under Eduardo Teta Rios and Andre Fievel de Carvalho

  • Occupational therapy graduate from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

  • Occupational therapist in Bergen Kommune

  • Active in national and international competitions


Anja was born and raised in Bergen. She has been training in martial art since the age of 14 and has been a part of Frontline Academy since 2013.

She is one of the highest graded athletes at Frontline Academy, and an accomplished competitor. Anja has been part of the kids’ and teens’ program since 2016.

Anja Bergo

Our Instructors

Every parents' dream” - Anja A.,  Einar 's Mother

Give Them Tool to Succeed and Be Happy


What if you could give them the tools to solve their own problems? To take responsibility and walk with their own two legs. And grow into a responsible and successful adult.


What if you could “be there” for them, even when you can’t be present?


You can.

You can teach them to be independent, and take care of themselves. Solve their own problems.


And we can help!

How We Do It

Since 2015 we have been using Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to motivate our students to become a bit more independent and able to face the world around them!


And to grow up to be happy, responsible and successful adults. We give them tools to master anything. From school, to job interviews, to a future professional career. We teach problem-solving and INDEPENDENCE.


The nature of our sport motivates children to use their intelligence during training, and not only physical strength They learn that leverage and technique can solve any problem, inside or outside the mats.

Our teaching methods connect physical activity to mastery and positive experiences. The children practice realistic situations, while learning and progressing every day. The training is safe and FUN.


And the kids love it!

Kids (3-5 years old)

In our classes for the youngest children our focus lies on giving the students a safe and pedagogical introduction to our martial-art. Through the use of interactive games, the students get a chance to learn basic movements and techniques while having fun!



Saturdays 1pm - 1:45pm (Group A)

Saturdays 2pm - 2:45pm (Group B)

Kids (6-9 years old)

Our aim for this group is to spark an interest and appreciation for the sport in the students. Our kids’ classes teach fundamental techniques, movements and principles in a playful and simple manner, mixing technique repetition, games and training against a resisting opponent.

The training is safe and FUN!

Click here to watch one of our training sessions.



Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Fridays 4:15pm - 515pm (Intermediate students)

Teenagers (10-17 years old)

The methods used in this group put more emphasis on the learning of technique and strategy, and the development of more advanced physical attributes.

At the same time, the sessions are designed to be playful and social, creating an environment which allows the students to express their individual qualities and evolve their skills

Click here to watch one of our training sessions.


Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Saturdays 3:15pm - 4:15pm

Our Program

Frontline Academy’s kids program uses BJJ as a tool for physical progress, socialization, and mental development. The students learn about the core values and principles of our sport, such as respect, focus and structure.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for Kids

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is, along with Judo and Wrestling, a martial art from the grappling family. Its techniques are based on leverage and momentum and have as a goal the control of the opponent in a safe and humane manner.

Our art is both mentally and physically demanding, and develops discipline, coordination and strength.

We welcome new students throughout the semester,

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(Limited spots available!)

"Training at Frontline has given our son a sense of belonging in an enviroment that motivates him to train, eat healhty and be kind to others,"

- Anja, Einar's Mother

Quotation mark

"The trainer is very skillful with children."

- Semir, Adrian's Father

Quotation mark

"The best of all is when I see my son training. He has so much fun with the other kids. It is priceless.."

- Øyvind, Emil's Father

Frequently Asked Questions

- When can I enroll my son/daughter?

We welcome new students throughout the semester. Click here to sign up.

- What should my son/daughter wear for their trial session??

For safety reasons, please wear training clothes without any sort of metal or hard plastic (such as buttons, zippers, etc). All jewelry must either be removed or cover with athletic tape. We also recommend bringing a water bottle.

- Are there training sessions for teens between 16 and 18 years old?

We recommend the students between 16 and 18 years old to first try out our classes for teenagers. Once they grasp the fundamentals and feel confident to train with the adults, they can chose to move up.


Frontline Academy’s focus lies heavy on creating an including and open environment for all students, regardess of age and skill level.

- How much does it cost to train at Frontline Academy?

The prices for children under 5 years old start at 449kr per month. For students from 6 years old and up the prices start at 549kr per month.

- Do you have spots available?

To ensure the quality and safety of our classes we limit the amount of spots available in each group. There is often room for new students, but we have had to start a waiting list around the most with large influx of new students such as the beginning of the fall and winter semesters..

Book a free trial or ask us a question here:

Thank you! We will get in touch as soon as possible.

Nygårdsgaten 94


Phone: 457 76 250 – Vini Silva


Public transportation:

Nygård bybanestopp, bus 13 (til Solheimsviken), 12 (to Smiberget-Oasen/Montana-Mannsverk) og 21 (til Bergen busstasjon/Lagunen terminal)