(Video) Recipe - The Açaí Bowl

November 9, 2016




It is said that one becomes a bit more brazilian by eating that tiny berry. Not that you should want to become brazilian, but they are the kings of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after all. Anyways, no food has been as representative of BJJ as the well known açaí.


The açaí berry is a small, round and black-purple fruit, similiar but much smaller than a grape. It comes from a special type of palm tree that grows in very specific rigions in the globe such as the amazon rainforest and other parts of the northern south america. The berry is normally processed into a thick juice and sold frozen all around the globe. Though in Brazil it is used in juices, candy, ice cream, smoothies and compots. The seeds are even used in jewelry and the oil and pulp in many different hygiene products. Not that surprising for a country that produces pretty much 85% of all the açaí sold around the world.


The açaí berry is a very peculiar fruit with very peculiar macros. In every 100 gr. of pure açaí it contains 13 gr. of protein and 17 gr. of fat. Quite rich for a tiny fruit. Keep it mind that these values are for the pure berry itself, so the usual frozen açaí nutritional value is quite different and varies a lot. Several studies also show that açaí berries may be the most antioxidant rich fruit on the planet. If you don't know what an antioxidant is, I may suggest this awesome website. Anyways, we'll try to make it simple for you.


When oxidation occurs in the human body, it produces free radicals. Free radicals are some bastards who want to pass other molecules guard and steal its electrons. Antioxidants are the dudes who choke the sh*t out of them and protect the other molecules. Ok, so it's not quite like that, but antioxidants are good for you. That all you need to know. 

Besides all the antioxidant benefits from açaí, it has also been shown to boost the immune system, improve metabolism and even reduce inflammation.


There you go. If you consider yourself an athlete, now you have plenty of reasons to make yourself a nice açaí bowl. If you don't consider yourself an athlete, just shut up and eat the damn fruit.




400 gr. of Frozen Açaí
4 Bananas
1 Mango
Some Brazil Nuts
Favorite Granola (I suggest making your own)

Cacao Nibs or Cacao Sauce 




 ●  Peel and dice your mango

 ●  Slice 1 banana

 ●  Throw the rest of the bananas in your food processor (a powerful blender will also work)

     ○ If you want this to be just like ice cream, go for frozen bananas. Just keep in mind it will take much longer time to blitz

 ●  Break in your frozen açaí pads

 ●  Blitz it until it looks like ice cream

 ●  Serve it in bowls and top it with the sliced banana, diced mango, granola, brazil nuts and cacao nibs

     ○ If you want to use chocolate sauce like I did in the video, just smash about 3 or 4 juicy dates with a fork, add in a tablespoon of cocoa powder,         a bit of water, mix it well and boom! Probably the easiest and healthiest chocolate sauce you could have. 




Blue = 52% Carbs

Red = 40% Fat

Green = 6 % Protein


Note: 1 service is half the açaí and banana bowl topped with 1/2 sliced banana, 1/2 mango, about 4 brazil nuts, 3 TBSP of this homemade granola, and about 1 TBSP of chocolate sauce. The nutritional value will of course highly depend on the toppings you use. If you want to boost the protein content, just add some protein powder in the açaí ice cream (I may suggest unflavored protein powder or you will ruin the açaí taste). If you want to keep it lower in kcal you can use less granola, eat less, or just get 1 extra hour on the mat and stop crying.


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