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We’re switching to a digital system for membership, profile
and payment. This is a short explaination of how to make a
single user for both you and your child.

1) Download our app, or go to our website

The most user friendly way to manage your new membership is through our app. But you can also use our website.

Via app:
Our app is called Frontline Academy Bergen and you can download it from App Store and Google Play.

Via our website:
You can also register at

2) Create a user

If your child is under the age of 16, we ask that you create the user in the child’s name and add their gender and date of birth so we know who will be showing up for class (indicated with yellow circles).

Then you add yourself as a parent/guardian in the corresponding field and fill in the rest of the form using your contact details.

If you have two or more children who train here or are a member yourself, we ask you to please contact us on so we can set up a custom solution.
We’ll contact you with more information regarding how to add a membership subscription and how to
manage your account during September

The sign-up form at looks a little bit different from the app, but it has the same fields which needs filling out for parents/children.


Moving forward in this tutorial, we will only use visual examples from the app.



From October, all payments will run automatically through a
bank/credit card which you’ll add to your profile. We’ve also
restructured our membership plans a bit for the future.

Add a payment card

The membership fee will be deducted through a bank/credit card once a month, which you’ll add to your user.


Once you are in the app; click on profile in the lower right corner. Then you scroll all the way to the bottom where you’ll find a link to Add a payment method.

Choose a membership

Click on the shopping cart icon at the bottom of the screen, and choose Subscription. There you’ll find a list of available memberships. Choose the one that corresponds to your child’s age and your desired binding period.

Note that months paid from the binding period of your previous membership will be credited to the the new one you choose.

The new memberships will not only give access Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes you already know, but also to our new classes with Thai boxing for kids/youth

Since your old membership is valid through September, it’s important that you select a start-up date for your new membership after September the 30th.

The date you choose in October, will be the date on which your membership will be charged to your card for all the following months.  You choose this date by clicking the date circled with yellow in the illustration.

We give you 50% discount on your first month if you add your first membership before October 1st. Use the discount code “VINI” after clicking Payment!

We’ll contact you in a towards the end of the month with more information regarding how to book classes and manage your new account.

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