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Courses & Seminars

Here are a few instructionals coures we made to help you with specific subjects. The Idea is to follow you in a series of videos regarding a popular topic so by the end of the course you have a good understanding and a real improveent in your

Yoga for Fighters

If you’re lacking flexibility this is a course designed for you. You’ll find the tools to correct your posture and reach a better range of movement. I’ve chosen the poses that have helped me in my journey and that I use in my classes to assist my students reach a better degree of mobility. Most of them fighters. ...

The Loop Choke

In 2019 Alvaro Ribeiro, the head coach of Gym Yla in Oslo came to give us a workshop about his favourite submission the Loop Choke. Battle tested, surprising, effective and easy to apply quickly became one of the favourite submission of many in the gym including myself (Fievel).

Closed Guard for fundaments

Closed guard is one of the best way to get a good understanding on BJJ. Beside being a super effective and fun position, Closed Guard is for me the best position to learn some of the core concepts of our art.

Let's explore the importance of distance ,levels, angles ,framing, base, balance, pressure and strategy in a few fun classes.

BJJ for newbeginners

What is BJJ and how to make the most on your beginners stage. Join Tarik and Fievel in a series of videos where they break down a few aspects of BJJ in order to help your understanding of our beloved art and easy the, sometimes overwhelming, beginning of your journey.

Coming soon

Live Streams

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa session with Petter

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa session with Beate

Full body workout

Tabata session with Tarik streamed 02/12, Full body workout.

Full body workout

Tabata session with Tarik streamed 18/11, Full body workout.

Online Training

Welcome to Online classes here you can re-watch your favourite class, search for topics and keep studying to improve your skills in a faster pace.

21-09-21 Lasso Basic sweep


20-09-21 Berimbolo variation


16-09-21 Spider balloon sweep


13-0--21 DLR shin cut counter to berimbolo


13-09-21 Closed guard Back take


08-09-21 DLR SweepBack take


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