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Give Your Children a Distinct Advantage

Teach Them to Master Life

Every parent's dreamAnja A. - Einar's mother

0 spots left for students between 3 - 5 years old

0 spots left for students between 6 - 8 years old

1 spots left for students between 9 - 11 years old

5 spots left for students between 12 - 18 years old

(Last updated on Thursday, 28th of September, 2023)

Pedagogical, Safe and Engaging Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Training for Kids

Every parent wants the best for their kids, for them to succeed and be happy.

Life is full of challenges. The best anyone can do is to be ready, to have the strength to solve the problems the world will present.


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu teaches children to face the world. It gives them the tools to take care of their own problems. To solve the puzzle that is life.


It teaches them about being strong, both physically and mentally. To be resilient.


In our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu kids program at Frontline Academy we teach our students all of the most important and fundamental athletic skills: Balance, coordination, strength, endurance and timing...


...but more important than that: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu develops mental skills such as confidence, intelligence, focus and patience. And turns children into stronger and more independent human beings.


Frontline Academy offers the perfect learning environment, designed for their specific needs:


  • Pedagogical Methods: An approach that inspires students to learn, exercise and socialize.


  • Professional Teachers: Experienced trainers who know how and what to teach (not volunteer parents “helping out” on the weekends).


  • Modern Facilities: The best equipment in newly built installations.


You are not only teaching them a sport, you are giving them tools to master life!

Why Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? 


There are many positive aspects to the more traditional martial-arts, such as Karate or Tae-kwondo. But their approach to teaching is too rigid and outdated.


Their methods are mechanical, repetitive. Little motivating (specially for children and teenagers).


Real life is dynamic, unpredictable. And real training should mimic those conditions.


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training is fun and realistic. The sessions are practical and interactive, not repetitive and monotonous.


The methods used in our kids program present our students with tasks and allow them to use their creativity to find solutions.


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a fun game. It inspires and teaches. It motivates the students to try hard and always give their best.


It inspires them to be disciplined and structured. And it rewards effort, not only results.

"Great Teachers and Staff. Students help each other. Family oriented."

- Dwayne Moorhead

(Limited spots available)

Safe, Fun, Engaging, Social

(Our metods)

Frontline Bergen has used Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to teach hundreds of children of all ages that they can, and should, stand up for themselves and face the world.


Our kids classes mimic real life: The students are presented with problems, taught how to solve them, and given a chance to test the solutions against a resisting training partner, in a safe but realistic environment.


They learn in practice, not just in theory.


The groups are divided by age, and our curriculum takes into consideration the experience level of the students. The kids learn age-appropriate skills, while having fun and socializing.


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is an individual sport, that also lays heavy emphasis on the value of being part of a team. Kids learn that they are individuals but part of a bigger group.


They learn about competition and cooperation, about being self-sufficient but social.


Our sport focuses on self-defense and strategy. It uses grappling techniques to control an opponent and take charge of a challenging situation.


Striking techniques (such as punching or kicking) are not allowed, making our sport extra safe for children.


But teaching about self-defense is only a small part of what Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has to offer. The most important lessons in our sport focus on teaching the mental skills everybody needs to succeed:


Discipline, structure, patience and resilience.

"(...)They have succeeded in creating an extremely friendly environment where everybody teaches and learns from each other" - Øystein A. - Oline and Einar's father

COVID-19 Information: We respect all of the restrictions, regulations and recommendations imposed by our health authorities. We focus heavily on prevention, personal hygiene and proper sanitizing of our facilities. For updated information please visit the FHI, NIF and Bergen Kommune websites.

Experienced and Professional Teachers

If your kids have been members of a sports team in the past you have probably been faced with these two problems:


1. The “trainer” is usually the parent of one of the kids in the team, often without any background in teaching sports. A volunteer with very little experience, no method. Leading the classes to “help the club out”.


2. Aside from paying for the membership, you need to do volunteer work:


  • Clean the club

  • Help to organize the team’s trips

  • Work at the hot-dog stand during their weekend tournaments


Does that sound familiar?


Frontline Academy Bergen is a private company, not a non-profit organization dependent on volunteers to do the heavy lifting. We are professionals running a business, and the work that needs to be done is taken care of by us, not our members or their families.


And we take teaching seriously. Our focus lies heavy on safety, mastery and positive reinforcement.


It also a bonus that the classes are fun and engaging!

“The students were friendly and accommodating, while the facilities were clean, modern and spacious. I couldn't have asked for a better place to train. ” - Joe B.


“Best place to train! Professional instructors, amazing training partners and welcoming atmosphere.” - Felipe M.


“This place got me hooked on Brazilian jiu-jitsu since day one! The instructors are top shelf, both as teachers, athletes and human beings” - Øystein A

Join us for a free trial class. No cost, no commitment!

5 Reasons Why Our Students Love Frontline Academy Bergen

  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is FUN! That is the number one comment we get from our students.

  • Specific Methods. Each age group has a different need, and we respect that.

  • Groups Divided by Age. Giving each student the training they need.

  • Professional Teachers. They know how and what to teach.

  • SAFE Classes. Our priority is the safety of our students.


And while our students take a break from their iPads and phones, they learn skills that will guide them through life. Skills based on problem-solving, working under pressure and mastering the social aspects of being part of our group.



A group of young individuals, motivated to learn, train and grow together!

Limited spots available

Our Program 

3 age groups, each with different needs


Our children and teens program started in 2015. It counts today with over 130 children and teenagers between the ages of 3 and 18 years old.


Through the years, over 350 students have been a part of our kids program. Some of them have trained with us for 4, 5, even 6 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training for kids?


Our members tell us about noticing benefits in two specific areas: Physical and mental.


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu improves all major physical traits such as strength, coordination, endurance, flexibility, agility and speed. It is also well documented in the scientific literature that regular exercising improves cardio-vascular health and general well-being.


But the best benefits our sport can provide are mental: Increase in focus, problem-solving ability, patience, motivation, discipline and structure.


The social and psychological benefits of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu are specially important for children, and help them develop an athletic and psychological foundation they will carry with them for life.


Come and try a free trial lesson today!

Why should I choose Frontline Academy Bergen?

Our best answer is: Try a free lesson and see it for yourself.

If you would like some more specific reasons, here is the feedback we have heard from our members:


  • Professional and dedicated instructors in all classes

  • Customized classes for all levels and age groups

  • Accessible location in the middle of Bergen

  • High quality service and facilities

  • Great training atmosphere

I want my son/daughter to join. Do you have a spot available?


The best approach is to get in touch with us and ask.

In short, our classes are very popular. In peak months such as January and August our groups usually reach full capacity. We often have open spots available, but not always.


In case we do not have room for your son/daughter in our class, we will start a waiting list and contact you as soon as a new spots opens up.

What is a trial lesson like? How much does it cost?


A trial lesson is a free, no commitment class offered to new potential students.


All you have to do get in touch with us, book a class, and show up about 10 minutes before the class starts. We will take care of the rest: Provide you with the equipment, give you instructions on what to do and answer to any questions you might have.


During the trial period the students are always given extra attention from the instructors and paired up with the right training partners.


Are the parents allowed to watch the classes?


Parents can watch the first class of their sons/daughters, but are not allowed to be present inside the training area during any other classes.


The constant presence of groups of parents inside the training room contributes to:


  • An overly-distracting environment for the students and trainers

  • Less mat space for the children training


The parents are welcome to stay inside our facilities, but outside of the training area during classes.


One of our main goals is to teach children to become more independent and learn social skills. Having their parents watching their every move, every day, goes against what we believe in.


With that being said, the children get plenty of water breaks during the lessons and can always choose to step out of the room to say hi to a parent waiting in our reception area.



Where are you located?


Our address is Nygårdsgaten 94, 5008. We are located next to SATS, Bunnpris and the tram stop “Nygård”. Click here for a more comprehensive map or to book a free trial.

What is training like during the corona pandemic?

We follow and respect all restrictions and governmental recommendations. As restrictions change over time, the best way to stay updated is to follow the NHI, NIF and Bergen Kommune websites, which get updated frequently.


In short, students under 20 years old have been allowed to train normally during most of the pandemic. We focus heavily on personal hygiene, the cleaning of our facilities, and on reminding our staff and students of all the safe practices connected to prevention.



Are you open during the summer months?


We usually hold regular classes all summer, except for the 2 first weeks of July. Over the years we have found out that the vast majority of our students is on vacation during that period. We also choose to give our instructors a well deserved break during that time. :)


Is Frontline Academy Bergen a member of NIF?

We choose to follow some of NIF’s rules and regulations connected to children’s sports*, but we are not members of the federation. We believe both private and public organizations should play active roles in the sports arena in our country, since both approaches have their fundamental pros and cons.


Our main focus is the quality of our classes. We also care about making them accessible to all children and paying a fair compensation to our instructors and managers. It is our opinion that NIF’s model and practices would not make our vision and goals possible to accomplish.


Luckily for you, that means we are self-sufficient: You won’t be asked to clean our facilities, sell hot-dogs during tournaments, work on the reception or to take care of our accounting (in addition to paying your membership dues).


We are also not dependent on funding from the government or any type of charity/sponsorships.

My son/daughter is turning 18 years old soon. Should he/she train with the adults or the teenagers?

Each student is unique. The best approach would be to get in touch with us, for a talk, and schedule a trial lesson. Our instructors have years of experience teaching and will use their expertise to determine in which group each student fits best.

The student’s experience level, athletic ability, ambitions, motivation and personal opinion are also determining factors.

My kid does not like martial arts, but I want him/her to try. What should I do?

Get in touch with us today. We will be happy to explain why Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a great sport, specially for children who have had a bad experience with other martial-arts, or sports in general.


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is not your typical sport. Most of our students have never had any contact with martial-arts before becoming members. We also get constant positive feedback regarding how surprised most students are with their experiences.


I am afraid my child will get hurt. Isn’t there a high chance he/she will get injured by training martial-arts?

No, that is exactly the opposite of our experience.


Our classes are always planned with safety in mind, thanks to the experience and expertise of our teachers. Any sport can present a potential for accidents, even those deemed safe such as football, volleyball or skiing. Preventing accidents is a key pillar to our methodology, and we do that by using the right training methods and approaches.



I am afraid teaching my child martial-arts will make him fight at school, or bully other kids. What should I do?

It is a myth that martial-arts training makes children more violent. Our experience is the opposite: Parents report to us that their children have become calmer and less aggressive to school-mates and siblings after they have started training with us.


Children have an innate need to exercise and move every day. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gives them an escape valve to “blow off steam” and provides them with an arena to spend energy in a controlled and safe manner.


Click here to book a free trial class today!



What are your membership prices?


Every new student can participate in a trial class before they have to decide to become a member. That class is free, has no hidden costs and no commitment to sign up is involved.


Our membership prices are:


  • Kids 3-5 years old: From 499Kr per month

  • Kids/teens 6-18 years old: From 599Kr per month


For more information on pricing and binding times please get in touch with us using the form below.

Ofte stilte spørsmål

Hva er fordelene med Brasiliansk Jiu-jitsu trening for barn?

Vi får ofte tilbakemelding om at våre medlemmer opplever både styrket psyke og fysikk etter at de startet hos oss.


Brasiliansk Jiu-jitsu forbedrer fysiske egenskaper som styrke, koordinasjon, utholdenhet, fleksibilitet, smidighet og reaksjonsevne. Det er vel dokumentert i flere vitenskapelige artikler, at jevnlig fysisk aktivitet forbedrer også den kardiovaskulære helsen og generell trivsel.

Men den største fordelen idretten vil gi deg er mental trening. Man opplever økt: Fokuseringsevne, tålmodighet, motivasjon, disiplin, struktur og blir bedre på problemløsning.

Utvikling av sosiale og mentale ferdigheter er spesielt viktig for barn, og hjelper dem utvikle et sterkt fysisk og psykisk grunnlag som de vil ha nytte av resten av livet.


Kom og prøv en gratis prøvetime i dag!

Jeg vil gjerne melde barnet mitt på trening. Har dere ledig plass?

Ta gjerne kontakt med oss og spør.

Våre timer er veldig populære. I høysesongene (rundt januar og august) har vi som regel fulle grupper. Det hender vi har ledige plasser, men ikke alltid.

Hvis det skulle vise seg at vi ikke har ledig plass til barnet ditt, oppretter vi en venteliste, og kontakter deg så snart det blir ledig plass.

Hvordan foregår prøvetimen? Og hvor mye koster det?


Prøvetimen er gratis, og det er ingen forpliktelser tilknyttet timen.


Ta kontakt med oss for å bestille prøvetime, og møt opp 10 minutter før timens start. Vi ordner resten: man får låne utstyret man trenger til timen, blir veiledet gjennom økten, og vi vil gjøre vårt beste for å besvare alle spørsmål.

Elever får ekstra oppfølging under prøveperioden, og vi passer på at man blir plassert sammen med en passende sparringspartner.

Kan foresatte være tilstede under timen?


Noen av målene våre, er at barna skal lære seg sosiale ferdigheter og bli mer selvstendige. Vi opplever at barna tar mer selvstendige avgjørelser når foreldrene ikke følger deres minste bevegelse.

Foresatte kan være til stede under barnets første treningstime, men utover det får ikke foreldrene være tilstede i rommet økten foregår i.


Grunnen til at vi er strenge på dette, er at foresattes tilstedeværelse under trening bidrar til:


  • Økt distraksjon for både barna og instruktører

  • Foreldre i rommet tar plass, som blir brukt på trening.


Foresatte må gjerne vente inne i lokalet vårt, men altså ikke inne i rommet hvor barna trener.


Om noen av barna skulle trenge det, kan de hilse på en foresatt i de oppsatte pausene.

Hvorfor bør jeg velge Frontline Academy Bergen?

Alt vi kan si er: Bestill en gratis prøvetime og se selv.

I tillegg kan vi også si at hos oss finner du alltid:

  • Profesjonelle og dedikerte instruktører

  • Tilrettelagte grupper for alle alderstrinn

  • Lett tilgjengelig lokale midt i Bergen

  • Høy kvalitet på service og fasiliteter

  • Kjempebra miljø

Hvor holder dere til?


Adressen vår er Nygårdsgaten 94, 5008. Vi holder til rett ved siden av SATS, Bunnpris og Bybanestopp “Nygård”. Klikk her for et detaljert kart og for å bestille en gratis prøvetime.

Hvordan avholdes treningen under Corona?

Vi følger myndighetens regler og anbefalinger om smittevern og smitteverntiltak. Disse reglene endrer seg stadig, og vi viser til hjemmesidene til NHI, NIF and Bergen Kommune for oppdatert informasjon.


Slik det foreligger nå, kan elever under 20 år trene som normalt. Vi har fokus på personlig hygiene, og er nøye med renhold av lokaler og utstyr. Vi jobber også aktivt for at både instruktører og elever husker på å følge anbefalte smitteverntiltak.



Holder dere åpent om sommeren?


Vi avholder timer hele sommeren, med unntak av de to første ukene i juli. Erfaring fra tidligere år har vist oss at de fleste elever er bortreist denne perioden. Vi har derfor valgt å gi våre instruktører ferie disse ukene. :)

Kids 3-5 years old (2 groups)

In our classes for the youngest children we focus on giving the students a safe and pedagogical introduction to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.


Through the use of interactive games, the students learn basic movements and techniques while having fun!


Group A: Saturdays 1pm

Group B: Saturdays 2pm


Price: From 499 kr per month

Book a free trial

Terms and conditions

Teenagers 12-18 år

In this class we focus more on technique and strategy, and the development of more advanced physical attributes.

At the same time, the sessions are playful and social, creating an environment which allows the students to express their individual qualities and evolve their skills.


Tuesdays and Thursdays 430pm

Saturdays 315pm

Price: From 599 kr per month

Book a free trial

Watch a video about the class

Watch a graduation video

Term and conditions

Kids 6-11 years old (2 groups)

Our kids’ classes teach fundamental techniques, movements and the principles of our sport in a playful and simple manner.


We mix technique repetition, games and training against a resisting opponent. The training is safe and FUN!


6-8 years old: Mondays and Fridays 430pm

9-11 years old: Wednesdays 430pm, Fridays 530pm

Price: From 599 kr per month

Book a free trial

Watch a video about the class

Watch a graduation video

Terms and conditions

Anja Ariansen

Training at Frontline has given our son a sense of belonging in an enviroment that motivates him to train, eat healthy and be kind to others.

Semir Begic

The trainer is very skillful with children.

Øyvind Alfheim

The best of all is when I see my son training. He has so much fun with the other kids. It is priceless.

Nygårdsgaten 94


Phone: 457 76 250 – Vini Silva


Public transportation:

Tram stop "Nygård", bus number 13 (til Solheimsviken), 12 (to Smiberget-Oasen/Montana-Mannsverk) and 21 (to Bergen busstasjon/Lagunen terminal)

Book a trial lesson or ask us a question:

Thank you! We will get in touch as soon as possible.

Every Kid Has a Need for Exercise

(But not everyone likes to play football)

Traditional team sports are great arenas to motivate children to live an active and healthy life-style. But not every child likes to play football and basketball or feels they are good at it.


And as you probably have seen many times before, most children’s sports careers are short lived. They often lose interest over time and quit. Some of them stop practicing sports all together, for the rest of their lives.


The truth is, kids themselves do not choose to play sports to improve their health or to learn athletic skills. They play sports to have fun.


And when doing sports stops being fun, they move on to something else like their iPad or cellphone.


You have seen this before, I am sure.


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu can be a great alternative to traditional team sports. Something that keeps kids motivated, engaged and living an active life...


...and at best it can be an activity that makes children connect training to happiness, and that keeps them active into adulthood.


Trying Brazilian Jiu-jitsu can be the one decision that changes their lives for the better, forever.

“I advise all parents to put their kids in Jiu-Jitsu classes before any other sport.” 

Kelly Slater

11-time world champion in surfing

Vinicius Silva

  • Leader of the kids’ and teenager’s program

  • Physical Education graduate from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

  • Black Belt under Eduardo Teta Rios and Andre Fievel de Carvalho

  • Active in national and international competitions

Vini was born and raised in Florianopolis, Brasil. He has been living in Norway since 2009 and is fluent in Norwegian, English and Portuguese. He is one of the owners of Frontline Academy Bergen and founded the kids’ program in 2015.

He graduated from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in 2015, with a degree in physical education and sports pedagogy. The education includes courses in pedagogy, psychology, sports injury prevention, physiology, anatomy and bio-mechanics.

Erling Stolt-Nielsen

  • Purple belt under Eduardo Teta Rios og Andre Fievel de Carvalho

  • Active in national and international competitions

Erling is born and raised in Bergen and has trained Brazilian Jiu-jitsu since the age of 12. He has been an instructor at the kids program since 2019.

Why Frontline Academy?

The first Frontline Academy opened in Oslo in 2005. The Frontline Academy brand counts today with 6 facilities in Norway, Sweden and Poland. It is one of the biggest and most prestigious martial-arts centers in Europe.

Frontline Academy Bergen was founded in 2013, with the vision of sharing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with people of all ages and backgrounds.


Our kids classes are:


✔ Designed specially for children

✔ Taught by professionals

✔ Social and engaging

✔ Motivating

✔ Fun!

We are located in Bergen’s city center, a short distance from public parking, the tram line (Bybanen) and bus stops. There are plenty of stores in the area, so you can stop by the grocery store to buy dinner while the kids train.

Hva koster et medlemskap?


Alle nye elever får en gratis prøvetime før de må bestemme seg for å bli medlem. Prøvetimen er gratis, har ingen skjulte kostnader og du forplikter deg ikke til å bli medlem.


Pris for medlemskap er som følger:

Barn 3-5 år: Fra 449 kr per måned

Barn/Ungdom 6-18 år: Fra 599 kr per måned

For mer informasjon om priser og bindingstid, ta kontakt med oss ved hjelp av kontaktskjemaet under:

Barnet mitt liker ikke kampsport, men jeg ønsker at han/hun skal prøve. Hva burde jeg gjøre?

Ta kontakt med oss i dag. Vi forteller gjerne litt om hva som gjør Brasiliansk Jiu-jitsu til en så flott idrett, spesielt for barn med dårlig erfaring fra andre kampsporter eller idretter.


Brasiliansk Jiu-jitsu er ganske ulikt andre idretter. For mange av vår elever er dette deres første møte med kampsport, og vi får ofte tilbakemeldinger fra elever som er svært positivt overrasket.

Jeg er bekymret for at barnet mitt skal bli skadet. Hvor stor risiko er det for at noen blir skadet under kampsporttrening?

Etter våre erfaringer, så er det ikke stor risiko for skade.

I enhver idrett er det naturligvis en risiko for at noen kan bli skadet, selv i idretter folk betrakter som relativt trygge, slik som fotball, volleyball og langrenn. Det viktige er at trenere har en bevisst tilnærming, og planlegger for å forebygge skade. Sikkerhet er alltid det viktigste aspekter ved alle timer, og våre dyktige instruktører setter alltid sikkerhet fremst.

Jeg er bekymret for at barnet mitt skal bli voldelig, og sloss eller mobbe andre barn hvis han/hun starter med kampsport. Hva skal jeg gjøre?

Det er en myte at barn blir mer voldelig som følge av at de trener kampsport. Våre erfaring er at det heller bidrar til det motsatte: Vi har fått tilbakemeldinger fra foreldre, som opplever at barnet deres har blitt roligere, og utagerer mindre mot andre barn etter at de startet med kampsport.


Alle barn har behov for daglig fysisk aktivitet. Brasiliansk Jiu-jitsu gir barn en mulighet til å “få ut litt aggresjon” og bruke energien sin, i en kontrollert og trygg arena.


Klikk her for å bestille en gratis prøvetime i dag!

Min sønn/datter blir snart 18 år. Burde han/hun trene med voksne eller ungdom?

Fordi alle elever er forskjellige, så anbefaler vi at du kontakter oss, slik at vi kan ta en individuell vurdering. Våre instruktører har mange års erfaring, og vil hjelpe dere med å vurdere elevens nivå og hvilken gruppe han/hun får mest ut av å trene med.


Elevens kunnskapsnivå, atletiske ferdigheter, ambisjoner, motivasjon og egne meninger er viktige faktorer i vurderingen.

Er Frontline Academy Bergen medlem av NIF?

Vi har valgt å følge noen av NIFs regler og reguleringer for barneidretten*, men vi er ikke medlemmer i NIF. Vi mener at både private og offentlige idrettsklubber bør ha tilbud for barn og unge, da det finnes både fordeler og ulemper med de forskjellige organisasjonsmodellene.

Hovedfokuset vårt er kvaliteten i opplæringen, og vi har et brennende ønske om å gjøre timene tilgjengelig for alle barn. Vi ønsker også en rettferdig lønnsmodell for våre instruktører og ansatte. Etter vår mening, er ikke dette forenelig med NIFs model.


Heldigvis for deg, så betyr dette at vi er selvforsørget: Vi vil ikke kreve at du møter opp til dugnad og vasker våre lokaler, selger pølser under turneringer eller lignende (i tillegg til å betale treningsavgiften). Vi er ikke avhengig av offentlige eller private bidrag for å opprettholde driften.


Our Trainers

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